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The fire aboard the Spirit of Norfolk died out after almost 5 days; crews working on the tow plane – The Virginian-Pilot

A fire that broke out on the Spirit of Norfolk ship on Tuesday was extinguished on Saturday morning, nearly five days after it started.

At 9:58 a.m. Saturday, “the fire aboard the ship was extinguished,” said a press release from the Unified Command for the Spirit of Norfolk.

Crews are currently working on a towing plan to remove the boat from Naval Base Norfolk, according to the press release.

Crews work to clear water from the vessel, conduct final surveys and assess the vessel’s stability to ensure it can be safely towed. Divers inspected the hull and sealed access points so that no additional water entered, the press release said.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation by the US Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board.

The fire broke out on the ship around noon on Tuesday. More than 100 passengers were on board, mostly children, who were able to leave the ship safely. No injuries were reported.

The ship, one of the city’s most iconic attractions, is likely “a loss”, according to the ship’s management parent company.

Daniel Berti, [email protected]