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The director of the ship “Ever Given” asks the Suez Canal Authority to release 3 other crew members

The technical managers of never giventhe container ship that blocked the Suez Canal in March, has asked the canal authority to allow three of the 25 crew on board to leave the ship.

“The SCA has advised that it will clear the crew members to leave the vessel when their contracts expire, and requests for departure clearance for three crew members have been submitted to the SCA for approval on this basis. “, said a spokesman for Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement. (BSM) says The National.

The 400-meter-long ship blocked the world’s main trade artery for six days before being released on March 29. Egyptian court to issue an attachment order.

The authority has claimed $916 million in damages from the ship’s owner, the Japanese company Shoei Kisen Kaisha, and negotiations are ongoing.

SCA chairman Osama Rabie said in a statement on Monday that the authority wanted to complete negotiations with owner and insurer UK P&I Club.

The authority is not opposed to departure or crew change operations, “subject to the presence of a sufficient number of sailors to secure the vessel and taking into account the presence of the vessel’s captain as judicial custodian of the ship and the cargo on board”. “, indicates the press release.

Two crew members were allowed to leave the ship earlier this month and return to their home countries due to urgent personal circumstances.

“We are grateful to the SCA for enabling these two people who needed to return home to their families,” the WSO spokesperson said.

Three crew members must now be relieved due to the expiry of the terms of their contracts.

“Crew members who depart will be replaced to maintain minimum safety standards for the ship,” he added.

BSM said in a statement earlier this month that the decision to stop the vessel was “extremely disappointing”.

The company also thanked the crew of 25 Indian nationals for their “hard work and tireless professionalism”.

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Shoei Kisen has filed an appeal against the detention of the ship which will be heard on May 4. The shipowner declined to comment further.

“This would simply allow the vessel to continue its voyage, while negotiations regarding the claim continue, so that the cargo can get to the people who need it and the crew can continue their work,” a spokesperson said. of the insurer UK P&I Club. Recount The National.

UK P&I covers liability insurance, which includes “things such as damage to the canal – if there has actually been damage to the canal” and loss of earnings, the spokesperson said.

The SCA calculated that it was missing about $15 million in transit fees every day. UK P&I said the claim also included a $300 million rescue award and an additional $300 million for loss of reputation.

“SCA has not provided a detailed rationale for their extraordinarily large claim,” the spokesperson said.

Mr Rabie had told local TV channel Sada Elbalad that the figure is an estimate of losses related to transit costs, damage incurred during dredging and salvage efforts, cost of equipment and labor- work.

The insurer said it made a “generous offer” to the authority on April 12, which was rejected.

The spokesperson declined to give an exact figure, but said “we are still a long way from each other.”

“We continue to have open and good faith negotiations with the SCA,” he said. “It’s impossible to know how long that will take.”