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Standing Senate Committee on Industries Subcommittee Meeting Held – Latest News – The Nation

ISLAMABAD- A meeting of the Senate Standing Committee Sub-Committee on Industries and Production was held under the chairmanship of Senator Fida Muhammad to discuss the issues faced by the Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa export processing zone. A brief was presented on Risalpur Export Processing Zone (REPZ)/Joint Venture Project between EPZA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Economic Zones Development and Management Company (KPEZ-DMC)/(formerly SDA) . The committee was informed of the physical progress of the area. It was informed that 92 acres of area are REPZ with a total number of 137 plots and 42 no sanctioned units (08 functional and 34 non-functional). The committee was also informed that the total cumulative exports of REPZ since its inception is $26.366 million and has contributed $0.264 million to the national treasury due to the alleged 1pc export tax. While discussing the problems encountered during the settlement of Risalpur EPZ, the committee was informed that FBR has convened two meetings to resolve the issue of restriction on export of commercial goods to Afghanistan and Central Asian Republic (RCA) overland, but so far this facility has not been licensed for EPZ investors. At the 2nd meeting, it was decided that the MOI&P would raise the matter with the Ministry of Commerce, he further informed. Other issues included the non-availability of an uninterrupted power supply. The issue of uninterrupted power supply has been taken up with PESCO, but the issue remains unresolved at their end. The dilapidated infrastructure of Risalpur EPZ is also one of the problems encountered. The issue has been raised several times with KPEZDMC management but still remains unresolved. The President of EPZA was of the opinion that despite the trade problems, even manufacturing is not initiated in the area according to the potential of the region. Overland manufacturing and trade issues need to be resolved and the issue of power supply up to at least 5 megawatts needs to be granted to meet the need to get the units operational and productive, the president further suggested. of the EPZA. The meeting was rescheduled with instructions to call representatives from FBR, Ministry of Commerce, PESCO and KPEZDMC and all stakeholders to the next meeting to resolve the issues faced by the export processing zone of Khyber.