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NSSLGlobal Partners with SOIC to Provide Satellite Communications to the World’s Largest Wooden Sailing Ship, Sweden’s Göthenborg

NSSLGlobal, one of the leading satellite communications companies in the cleantech portfolio of Arendals Fossekompani, the Norwegian investment firm, has partnered with SOIC Ship Management AB to bring the latest satellite communications technology to Gothenburg from Sweden, a full-scale functional replica of the famous 18th century sailing ship.

Spanning over 300 years of technological development, the vessel is a fascinating hybrid of historic and modern, with her traditional wind-powered sails alongside the very latest computer and satcom innovations enabling remote diagnostics, technical assistance and communications.

Sweden’s Götheborg was the most advanced merchant sailing ship of the 1700s and a symbol of Sweden’s entrepreneurial spirit. She is the largest ocean-going sailing ship in the world and has been rebuilt as a 1:1 scale model of the original Swedish East India Company ship which sank in 1745. She has just embarked on a historic two-year voyage around Europe to Asia to complete her voyage at the end of 2023. To aid her journey and with the help of partners such as NSSLGlobal, the vessel has been upgraded with the latest technology 21st century communication and navigation systems to ensure the safety and comfort of the crew during their long voyage. . The ship will act as Sweden’s commercial and maritime ambassador and is a platform for its partners to draw attention to the greatest challenge of our time – adapting to a sustainable future.

As well as keeping her crew safe and entertained throughout the 18-month voyage, the ship will use NSSLGlobal’s communications network to transmit her daily position, check weather reports, and upload the latest photos, videos, and news. . With approximately 600 sensors on board Götheborg, technical personnel on board and ashore can use the [email protected] to monitor critical operational systems including temperature, pressure, fuel and water levels.

NSSLGlobal partnership will see it’s VSAT [email protected] broadband communications are utilized throughout the voyage alongside its renowned 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC), providing remote technical support and corrective action. Local technical support will be available at ports as well as NSSLGlobal sales and service offices in Europe and Asia.

Lars Ringnér, Director of Ships at SOIC Ship Management, comments: “Although Götheborg looks like a ship from the 1700s, it is essential that we have the latest communication technology on board to ensure the safety of our professional crew. We are grateful to NSSLGlobal for providing world-class satellite technology and airtime on this historic voyage around the world. In addition, this relationship is complemented by the commitment of both companies to work in a sustainable way and we will sail as much as possible under wind energy.

Kristian Ryberg, Managing Director of NSSLGlobal Scandinavia, said: “Götheborg is a remarkable project, combining the pride of maritime history with the best in modern maritime technology. NSSLGlobal, with its own roots in the Scandinavian maritime industry, has been providing the latest satellite and navigation technology to the maritime industry for over 50 years. We are therefore honored to provide satcom technology to assist the ship on its journey with 21st century communication capabilities. Our VSAT [email protected] provide always-on connectivity and speeds suitable for data-intensive applications so that the crew not only stays in touch with their loved ones, but also meets the needs of commercial operations”
Source: NSSLGlobal