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MESPAS allows ship managers and suppliers to be HMI compliant


Posted on Jan 24, 2020 11:01 AM by

The maritime executive

New EU and IMO regulations come into force this year regarding the declaration and inventory of hazardous substances (HMI). MESPAS provides vessel managers and suppliers with the necessary tools to comply.

In 2013, the EU published hazardous materials inventory regulations and gave the shipping industry seven years to come into compliance. Since December 2020, ship owners / operators are required to make an inventory of all hazardous materials on board a ship and provide this information to authorities.

In anticipation of these requirements, in its latest version of the software, MESPAS has introduced new features to ensure compliance with the new regulations. Information on hazardous substances is documented from the start of the supply cycle. Suppliers declare whether an offer they send contains substances relevant to the HMI and, if so, they must attach a material declaration sheet to the article of the offer. The HMI information and associated documents are added to the MESPAS procurement system and follow the goods to the customer. HMI reports, visible to both the buyer and the vessel, can be generated as needed for reporting compliance.

With just a few clicks, responsible parties can view and provide this important information to regulatory authorities. MESPAS ensures that maritime users are always up to date with the latest EU and IMO requirements.

MESPAS constantly helps its users to improve their business processes, which translates into better performance and lower costs.

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