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HMCS Nanaimo’s bell returns home to be “kept in a safe place” during ship maintenance – Nanaimo News Bulletin

The bell of the Royal Canadian Navy ship, HMCS Nanaimo, is at home to “keep it safe” while the ship undergoes maintenance.

According to a press release from the City of Nanaimo, tradition has it that whenever a Royal Canadian Navy vessel enters dry dock, the bell is brought to the city of the vessel’s namesake. Former Commanding Officer of HMCS Nanaimo Jason Bergen presented the bell to Nanaimo Mayor Leonard Krog on Tuesday, November 2.

“Saving the ship’s bell in the city is symbolic of the trust, strong relationship and support between the city and HMCS Nanaimo,” Bergen said in the press release.

HMCS Nanaimo, a Kingston-class coastal defense vessel, is currently in Esquimalt Harbor, but will go to Point Hope Shipyards in Victoria Harbor to be dry-docked for maintenance until the spring. .

The city press release noted that HMCS Nanaimo, since commissioning in 1997, has operated from northern Canada to the Galapagos Islands “and provided coastal defense, search and rescue and training… the ship has also been an integral part of US-led anti-narcotics missions.

Krog said in the statement that the city is aware of the long days at sea that the ship’s crew have put in and the work they have done to protect Canadian ports.

“It is a real honor to protect the vessel’s bell while it enters dry dock. HMCS Nanaimo is not just named after our city, it holds our absolute respect, ”said the Mayor.

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