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DVIDS – News – Consolidated vessel maintenance support facility opens in Bahrain


BAHRAIN NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY – Forward Deployed Regional Maintenance Center (FDRMC) Detachment (Det) Bahrain; Commander, CINQ Naval Surface Squadron (CINQ CNSS); and Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain opened a new Consolidated Ship Maintenance Support Facility at NSA Bahrain on May 1, 2019.

Captain (N) Darren Guenther, commander of NSA Bahrain, said when opening the facility: 5th Fleet.

Captain (N) Gustavo Vergara, Commander of the FDRMC, explained the importance of the building, “the facility allows the Bahrain FDRMC detachment to consolidate the majority of their work, allows direct coordination with the CNSS FIVE team, and it is closer to ships to create an environment for innovation, knowledge sharing and collaboration. In short, this will allow the FDRMC to extend the advantage as we deliver and maintain ships and systems on time and at a lower cost for the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet.

The mission of the FDRMC Det Bahrain is to provide engineering and technical services for the maintenance and modernization of ships and naval craft in the area of ​​responsibility of the FIFTH Fleet (AOR). FDRMC Det Bahrain provides mid-level and depot maintenance for 14 forward-deployed naval vessels, including availability, planning, execution and oversight of CNO and ongoing maintenance (CMAV / CM). The detachment also provides voyage repair planning, execution and oversight for vessels operating in the FIFTH Fleet area of ​​responsibility.

Captain (N) Chris Gilbertson, commanding officer of CNSS-FIVE, said the building is preparing the squadron for future Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) deployments, “CNSS-FIVE, as designated executive agent for COMNAVSURFLANT and LCSRON TWO for the surveillance of LCS vessels in theater, will be in a better position to provide the necessary support and direction to the station for the maintenance and support needs of these vessels upon arrival.

CNSS FIVE provides leadership as the Defender of the Surface Warfare Enterprise class for the 13 PC ships, managing lifecycle improvement programs to increase the efficiency and capacity of the PC class. In addition, CNSS-5 is also responsible for providing direct support to LCS forces as the commander in support of task force commanders LCSRON and COMFIFTHFLEET and to coordinate to support LCS employment and concept of operations at l support the requirements of the Fleet Commander.

Gilbertson stressed the importance of the facility to fleet missions: “The waterfront vessel maintenance facility will provide state-of-the-art facilities and leverage the capabilities of the CNSS- FIVE and the FDRMC Det Bahrain to support the “welcome team” of Bahraini ships. The ultimate goal of this building and the team of maintenance experts who will occupy it is to collaboratively provide the best combat capability to the FIFTH Fleet.

In addition, the building will improve their capacity to ensure the maintenance and modernization of home port ships; and design, develop and produce parts for I-Level support of Fifth Fleet Navy ships as well as harbor patrol boats, NECC MK VI patrol boats, USCG ships and MSC ships.

Vergara praised the flexibility of command response: “The ability to respond to any situation, now or in the future, is the raison d’être of the FDRMC. We repair ships. We are and will be ready to meet any increased demand from the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet.

The construction project was designed in January 2014 in response to the need for advanced support for the LCS mission. It was managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers and the prime contractor was CONTRACK WATTS.

CNSS FIVE is the ISIC for 10 Bahrain-based Coastal Patrol Vessels (PCs) and 4 Mine Countermeasures (MCMs) and oversees all human, training and equipment functions for PC and MCM forces based in Bahrain. Comprised of over 115 Navy and civilian personnel, CNSS FIVE personnel perform all unit-level training and are responsible for the maintenance, logistics and manning of all CPs and MCMs in order meet the operational requirements of the C5F. CNSS FIVE was established at Naval Base Bahrain on October 1, 2017, when Coastal Patrol Squadron (PCRON) ONE and Mine Countermeasures Squadron Maintenance Detachment (MCMRON) THREE were merged.

The Forward Deployed Regional Maintenance Center (FDRMC) assesses risks based on the two principles of its mission: repairing ships and caring for people. The FDRMC was created to meet the growing naval repair needs of Forward Deployed Naval Forces (FDNF). It ensures that the ships operating in the Fifth and Sixth Fleets are always ready to defend the American people and values. The FDRMC continues to transition to meet the future challenges of additional ships in theater and new platforms. FDRMC supports ships when and where they need assistance.

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