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Cellbox Solutions launches its new generation of products – Cellbox 2.0

NORDERSTEDT, Germany, June 08, 2022 / B3C Newswire / — Cellbox Solutions is proud to launch the Cellbox 2.0 – the next generation of transportable incubators featuring additional features, improvements and new software options. The company increased the device’s autonomous runtime to over 48 hours, enabled comprehensive expedition data collection via 8 different sensors, and upgraded the software and user interface to make Cellbox 2.0 the best solution for worldwide transport of live cells and organoids. , both in regulated and R&D environments.

Cellbox 2.0 – controlled and safe live cell transport

The Cellbox makes it possible – for the very first time – to ship living cells and other delicate biological materials under prolonged controlled incubation conditions. With the Cellbox 2.0’s extended runtime and international flight clearance, the device can easily reach places all over the world. The incubation environment can be flexibly adjusted for each transport to the specific needs of the biological material, allowing a wide range of cell types and tissues to be transported under optimal conditions.

“Cellbox Solutions is setting new standards in transporting and shipping live cells, creating the ability to ship all living sensitive biological material, now also in the cell and gene therapy environment. We enable researchers to share their biological material without the need to freeze it. This expands the possibilities for research and collaboration with companies.” says Wolfgang Kintzel, CEO of Cellbox Solutions. “We see a rapidly emerging market with high growth potential of biological materials that need novel shipping solutions as an alternative to cold chain and cryo shipments, for example: complex but highly relevant cellular systems, organoids or regenerative biological materials and various CGT products.”

To better meet demand from various customer segments, Cellbox Solutions has expanded its already successful devices into a more diverse product portfolio focused on compliance for clinical trials. “The reworked software combined with the new user management for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance makes the Cellbox 2.0 suitable for cell and gene therapy applications and all other areas where GMP plays a major role.” says Dr. Herbert Müller-Hartmann, CTO of Cellbox Solutions.

Cellbox Solutions is committed to offering robust and innovative logistics solutions to life science companies, raising the standard to facilitate the transportation of all materials under biologically relevant conditions.


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About Cellbox Solutions GmbH
Founded in 2017, Cellbox Solutions GmbH focuses on innovative logistics solutions for the global BioMedTech industry. The company is living the vision to change the future of healthcare. It offers solutions that allow healthcare providers to focus fully on treating patients with the latest therapies. Cellbox Solution’s goal is to provide live cell logistics solutions that make life-saving therapeutic designs accessible to everyone. Portable CO2 incubator, the Cellbox, provides a controlled environment for the transport of living cells and biological structures. Temperature and CO2 levels can be adjusted to ensure optimal incubation conditions.


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