Ship managers

A Japanese shipowner chooses Cloud Fleet Manager – Digital Ship from Hanseaticsoft

Japanese ship manager Fukujin Kisen chose to implement Hanseaticsoft’s comprehensive Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) portfolio for multiple ships to accelerate the digitalization of its ship management and increase overall process efficiency.

Specially designed for shipping companies and ship managers, Cloud Fleet Manager offers a single, cloud-based source of real-time information for employees, crews at sea and external partners, and accelerates the speed of exchange of data. Multiple modules tailored to the individual needs of each department and automatically exchanging data between them ensure that workflows are streamlined and relevant information is always available.

Fukujin Kisen reportedly chose CFM for its ease of use, UI/UX design features, as well as the solution’s flexibility and ability to adapt to future business needs. The company will use all of CFM’s more than 40 different applications to improve and automate key business areas including purchasing, maintenance and team management.

With CFM, the business will gain real-time visibility into many areas of business, including purchasing spend, budgeting, maintenance work, inspections, and risk management, among others.

To gain greater insight into the company’s operational data and enable detailed analytics, Fukujin Kisen will also use CFM PowerBI Integration. With this integration, data can be aggregated from multiple sources, analyzed in a central place, and extracted for detailed management reports that can improve business decision-making.

Masaki Takabatake, Director of Fukujin Kisen, said, “CFM will be a key accelerator for the digitalization of our vessel management, and we have high expectations for future development. This platform will streamline and improve all of our processes and identify areas for improvement. This will improve our business performance and help us reduce our costs.

Alexander Buchmann, Managing Director of Hanseaticsoft, said, “We are delighted to be working with Fukujin Kisen, a company with an impressive business track record that spans 147 years and is always focused on innovation and progression. Cloud Fleet Manager will digitize company vessel management and improve operations, decision-making and communications between vessels and shore personnel. This will ensure that Fukujin Kisen remains as competitive and successful in the future.