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The fairy tales of the so-called “free credit” or “Swiss credit” etc. are a blatant lie of the criminal rip-off gangs. It is my concern to make your loan application as easy as possible. Running memories and no end in sight? Mostly it is the small wishes that are buzzing around in our heads every day and should be implemented in a timely manner. The advantage of the credit platforms is the possibility to repay the loan in small installments, so that there is no payment difficulties under further pressure.

credit bureau entry, but requires a credit

credit bureau entry, but requires a credit

The Swiss loan is advertised by many intermediaries on the internet. Yes, and these negotiators are almost always criminals. Please stop telling this fat, disgusting lie story about “Swiss bonds without credit bureau”. Only a few Swiss financial institutions grant credit to German banks through intermediaries. But: 1) they put the credit bureau, and 2) the interest and fees are very high there.

But the vast majority of lenders of so-called “Swiss loans” are criminal gangs, have their seat in the Federal Republic together with their idle judiciary and have nothing to do with the whole world. Only the fantasy names of these “companies” are intended to give the impression that they are Swiss institutions, usually the name of any Swiss city with an additional name.

All of a sudden there is no talk of a loan. He also receives a “loan loss insurance” for a loan that never exists.

Because of a bad credit bureau entry many people choose a loan without credit bureau.

Many people choose a loan without credit bureau because of a bad credit bureau entry, but borrowers should be fully informed in advance about the disadvantages and dangers of such a loan. The first shortcoming, which usually comes straight into the spotlight, is the price: cheap bonds without credit bureau almost never exist.

Loan without credit bureau query

Loan without credit bureau query

For a loan without credit bureau query not only the interest rates are usually very high, but there are often additional fees. Depending on the credit broker, this can be a one-time payment or even a monthly payment. Unfortunately, these expenses are often hidden in the loan contract and will not be transparent in advance.

Therefore, a reputable service provider should always give you the opportunity to bring home the loan contract so that you can read it through. If they are not allowed to, it is better to keep their hands off credit. The main office of credit without credit bureau providers is always abroad, so it is often not easy or cheap to find them if you have questions about your credit.

You should therefore check the provider carefully before applying for a loan. You will also have difficulty taking out a loan without a prior credit check if you have no regular income. Since your credit rating for a non-credit bureau loan is not verified with the help of an information center, many vendors need assurance in response to the increased security risk.

If you can not provide them, you will not even get a mini-loan without credit bureau.