Baby Lending Loans, Baby Lending Support – Are You Eligible? – Baby loan

As of July 1, the Family Protection Action Plan will enter into force, as part of which couples may apply for a $ 10 million free-to-use personal loan. A baby loan will be available at most banks, but conditions may vary.


Who can apply for a baby loan?

Who can apply for a baby loan?

Eligibility for a baby loan is governed by Government Decree 44/2019. (III. 12.) Korm . (VI. 26.) .

Eligible Baby Loans:

  1. Those couples who

  • who are both 18 and over but not yet 41 years old,
  • Hungarian citizens or have a residence permit for more than 3 months in the territory of Hungary
  • are not on the negative (or passive) list of Central Credit Information System (KHR) debtors,
  • they have no public debt to the tax authority,
  • have a permanent address in Hungary,
  • with impunity,
  • and at least one of them has a continuous insurance relationship for 3 years or has a full-time education at a tertiary education institution.


  1. Those previously divorced couples,

  • who had a previous marriage or had no child,
  • or if so, only one of the spouses has children from the previous marriage.

When applying for a baby loan, you must undertake to raise at least one member of the couple’s children born or adopted after the loan agreement has reached the age of majority, but at most until the termination of the loan agreement.


Who is not eligible for a baby loan?

baby loan

Unfortunately, a single parent raising a child alone cannot apply for baby support, as one of the basic conditions for applying is marriage.


Whoever is scheduled for early July will fall short of baby support?

Whoever is scheduled for early July will fall short of baby support?

On June 26, the government amended an earlier decree to allow eligible persons to apply for interest subsidy for the entire duration of the loan, childbirth allowance and suspension of repayment between July 1 and 31, 2019 – before – they are eligible for their blood born child if they apply for the loan by July 31, 2019.

So it is worth applying for a baby loan for any couple whose wife has not yet reached the age of 41 and is planning to have a baby.